The Path to Energy Independence.

Half Moon Power builds distributed energy projects to help customers lower energy costs, improve reliability, and become energy independent. By customizing microgrids for each customer’s unique needs, we optimize your energy consumption and improve resiliency, and dramatically lower your carbon footprint at a time when the world is finally coming together to beat the climate crisis clock.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to enable the planet to accelerate the transition to renewable energy whilst enhancing energy security through a decentralized grid. Our mission is to help industries adopt microgrid  solutions that facilitate taking control of their energy future.

We Believe In

–  A zero carbon future.
 – A triple net bottom line – people, planet, profit.
 – Open clear and regular communication.
 – Reliable energy is not a luxury for the few, but a basic service for all.

The challenge – geometric energy demand growth and linear growth in supply

The solution – distributed generation

The economies of the world all face the same issue: finite supply of commodities like oil, and geometric growth in demand.

It used to be emerging economies driving energy prices skyward. Now it’s the rapid growth of electric vehicles that are straining the supply of reliable and cost effective energy. In California’s 50GW grid alone, EV growth will double energy demand while fossil fuel plants are being phased out.

Distributed generation is one of the incremental solutions to address this gap. Solar canopies, rooftop solar, and solar collocated with agriculture are part of the solution to keep generation near load centers and enable the transition to 100% renewables.

Modern Business – Historic Name.

Half Moon Power was inspired by the journey of Henry Hudson and his crew aboard the Half Moon and their determination to discover a faster route to the tiny island of Run located in today’s Indonesia. Their goal was to corner the market for nutmeg, a spice worth more than it’s weight in gold at the time. Henry believed there was a navigable northwest passage and convinced the Dutch crown to sponsor his voyage. Upon embarking, the crew knew their odds of returning to Holland were at best 50/50, but they nonetheless signed up to seek their fortunes. The spice race of the time was fueled by renewable energy and sailors all had the traits necessary to endure: courage, conviction and tenacity. Serendipity played a huge role in their fates.

Henry never made it to Run. But he did end up discovering an even smaller island and claimed it for the Dutch crown – Manhattan. They failed on their original business plan, but they wound up discovering something infinitely more valuable and gave the Dutch a toehold in the New World. Today’s race for 100% renewable energy is equally unchartered but participants all exhibit the same traits – a deep conviction that there’s a better way to power our future and the curiosity to find it against all odds. Half Moon has been navigating the rapidly evolving renewable energy industry for nearly 20 years, and the team has been pioneering all the technologies involved including wind, solar, storage, CHP, and more. All the technologies are necessary to achieve 100% renewables, there is no one silver bullet to realize our goals.